Web App Development

We develop all kind of web applications like web shops, social networks, community platforms, project management applications, websites, CRM, CMS... etc.

The web is all around … 

Web applications like websites, web shops, e-commerce platforms, social networks, project management apps, financial and accounting tools, document management applications, time sheet management apps, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, content management systems (CMS), …

You name it and it will be there. And if it is not there in the shape or form you prefer, it can be developed. And that’s where we get into the picture. We have a vast and in-depth experience with the development of all kind of web app development like web shops, e-commerce platforms, high-end websites, multi-purpose web applications, …

Looking for a partner to develop your web application? Contact us and let’s see how we can help you. 

Minora Web

We help you design interfaces and experiences that seamlessly achieve the needs of your target users.

Minora Web
Front-end &

Modern technologies and dev practices, resulting in an easily maintainable and scalable code base - with performance always a priority.

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